Eleven Lifestyle Changes That Will Boost Your Mental Health


There’s a lot of advice out there about how to boost your mental health. But, strategies will always work differently for each person. So, it’s essential to find the ones that work best for you and stick to those habits to sustain a healthy mind.

Strategies to get the most out your mental faculties vary from person to person. For some people it can be as simple as adding fruits to their daily diet. Other people might require a much more conscientious effort to improve your mental acuity.

The basic requirement of a healthy mind is to have a healthy body and vice versa is true as well. So make sure that you do your part to get into a basic fitness regime. This will give you a lot of confidence not to mention improving your physique.

Here are some easy, steps to create better habits that will surely boost your mental health.

Getting Enough Sleep

Put the electronics away and get yourself some sleep. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule will ensure that your body and mind will function properly, day in and day out. Experts recommend that each person should sleep for at least 6.5 to 8 hours a night to fully restore your body from the previous day. Think of your body as a computer that needs some rebooting. When you restart, it refreshes everything and helps your machine function faster and better.


Get Out There and Move Your Body

Playing BasketballAs much as you try to avoid it, you should know that regular exercise is mandatory for a healthy body and soul. Even if you have to start out slow, it’s better to start than not at all. Some workout motivation tips from experts are that you should determine what exercises gauge your interest and work your way up from there. No idea where to start? Invest in a personal trainer to help you get off your couch.



You Are What You Eat

Put down the donut and embrace whole grains! You know your body and you also know that bag of potato chips have done nothing except make you feel sluggish and guilty. Do your heart and waistline a favor by feeding your body healthy things like lean protein, whole grains and fiber.


De-Clutter Your Life

How many times will you walk past that stack of papers before you finally file them away? Or, how many times will you continue to plan things out with friends without jotting them down in your calendar? Clutter is a big problem that decreases our productivity levels. Clean it up and you’ll find yourself feeling more relieved and less overwhelmed. Just the mental state of seeing or feeling messy can hold you back from moving on with everyday tasks that will just continue to build up more over time.


Take Some “Me” Time

You are a very important person did you know that? So, why aren’t you taking the time to recognize that? Take a bubble bath or catch up on guilty pleasure television. Partaking in the little things that you love to do will continue to validate your much needed precious time for yourself.


Maintain Your Social Life

Make a date with your friends or sign up to play in a recreational soccer league with some buddies from work. Either way, to balance your social life from work life can help you break up the monotony of everyday functions.


Start Writing

Use journaling as a way to decompress and release tension you may be holding in. You can also use it as a way to organize your thoughts and essentially, transfer the chaos from head to paper. You don’t necessarily have to write for an audience. In fact, writing for yourself can be deemed as self-therapy and help you become more aware of yourself and your own thoughts.


Balance Yourself

Along with your social life, it’s important to remember that you cannot always be superwoman. It’s okay to sometimes say “no” to your aunt’s big birthday bash or that company dinner. The more that you take on that you can handle, the more you create an imbalance in your need to separate social versus personal time.


See the Positivity in Everything

It may not be immediate, but finding ways to see the positive in every situation can tremendously help you gain a better perspective on things. Besides, wasting that hour being upset about that person cutting you off on the freeway just took away a precious hour that you could’ve spent being happy. Which one would you rather choose?


Explore the World

You don’t need your passport for this one. Venture out to new restaurants or hiking trails to expand your experiences. No matter how old you are, there are many things in this life that you have yet to experience. Get out of your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer you. You may actually be pleasantly surprised to try things you never have before and how enjoyable they can be.



The mind works a little bit like a machine. It needs some extra TLC and you can help it get to a stable state by practicing meditation each day. The best time to do so is in the morning so it can help you center your thoughts first thing. Try carving out 15 to 20 minutes of just breathing in and out deeply while focusing on the pathways of your breath within your body. You’ll soon begin to notice a decrease in stress and anxiety levels just by completing these simple exercises.


Reap the Benefits

As you can see, getting into good habits is not that complicated and only requires a mental ‘push’ from your end. The good thing about positive habits is that once you start incorporating them in your life, you will make a conscious effort to learn even more habits. This beneficial domino-effect can help better your life as well as the lives of people around you!

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