Here’s How Coconut Oil Kills 93% Of Colon Cancer Cells After 2 Days Of Treatment

Recent laboratory study concluded that lauric acid kills more than 90% of the colon cancer cells within 2 days. Coconut oil is very rich source of lauric acid – around half of the overall structure of coconut oil.


The lauric acid contaminates the cancer cells with strong oxidative stress. This process allows lauric acid to decrease the concentration of glutathione in cancer cells. Glutathione’s function is to protect the cancer cells from oxidative stress.

The anti-cancer properties of coconut oil aren’t mentioned in many studies. This oil is famous for its healing characteristics and benefits and many people around the world have been used it for centuries. Several medicinal researches proved that the coconut oil is one of the most effective ingredients for elimination of diseases, bacteria, fungi, parasites and dangerous microorganisms. It also stimulates digestion, improves the health of liver and skin, diminishes inflammation and speeds up the healing of the wounds.

According to some medical experts the coconut oil is especially helpful in treating diabetes. This is due to coconut oil’s ability to raise the concentration of good cholesterol (HDL) in women and controls the HDL-LDL ratio and it promotes weight loss in men and women. There are several clinical studies in which coconut oil has been used for balancing the cholesterol levels in patients who suffer from chronic heart ailment. Now the medical scientists are faced towards the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and balancing the blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

The presence of lauric acid makes this oil unique. Half of the coconut oil’s structure belongs to lauric acid. In fact, lauric acid is a unique type of triglyceride which is rarely included in other foods. The cow’s fat contains 2% of lauric acid and 6% of human milk is lauric acid. This means that the humans require more lauric acid than any other living being.

We cannot say that the coconut oil is natural cure for cancer, but these scientific studies are proof that the mother nature provided us with everything we need, we just need to learn how to use it.


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