Coconut Flour Bread Great as Toast, for Sandwiches, and as Crackers!…Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Low carb , Best Weight Loss Program


I’ve been meaning to post this for several days, but I’m having Internet issues…as in, I don’t have Internet in my apartment yet (Friday!). I guess I didn’t realize how very connected I was until I had to get up and go somewhere that has free wifi. At any rate, it hasn’t been bad. I’ve been reading a lot and walking around outside a lot (still).

There are two prior versions of flatbread, The Original and Version 2.

For grilled cheese, I generally use Version 2, for small pieces of toast or appetizers I use the newest recipe below (it’s denser but puffier!).

This coconut flour bread is actually really similar to the 5 minute coconut flour cookies I posted about last week. In fact, when I made these, I meant to make the cookies but just forgot to add stevia and “screwed up” the amount of protein powder a little bit. Oh, and I used a different brand/type of protein powder, which made me realize how big of a difference that makes!

Coconut Flour Bread

In a frying pan, add 2 Tbsp coconut oil on medium to melt.

In a bowl, mix thoroughly:

2 eggs
2 Tbsp coconut flour
2 Tbsp protein powder (I’m not a big fan of protein powder, so I’ve used a high quality in this recipe, and I’ve also subbed in gelatin–that changes the texture a tiny bit. Make sure to use the collagen hydrolysate gelatin, not the kind that “gels!”)
dash of salt or other seasonings…I tried it with garlic and pizza seasoning…!!!! yum !!!

Add the melted oil and mix until totally smooth. Roll small pieces of the dough into balls and then flatten them before placing in the pan (they won’t flatten on their own). Make sure the pan is greased, and flip them when the bottom is browned as much as you want it to be.

Note: You can make these without protein powder too! They’re just a slightly different texture–the protein powder makes them kind of “springy!”

If you keep them slightly thick, you’ll end up with this:

They’re kinda like mini Australian Toaster Bisciuts—remember those?! They have a very similar texture and flavor too.

These are super best with butter, in my opinion. Something about the saltiness of the Kerrygold butter….


If you make them smaller and thinner, they’ll look more like this…

I know they look like pancakes, but the taste and texture is more like bread. Again…BUTTER!



These are the pizza flavored ones…I added smashed roasted garlic, some minced onion, and lots of pizza seasoning! 20121009-175014.jpg This one is a very plain version with nothing added, but overcooked a little in extra coconut oil (a notch above medium heat), so it got crispier! 20121009-175020.jpg The fugly gunk on top is what I’m calling tuna-cado….I’ll share that recipe soon! It came to fruition as a result of me having essentially nothing to work with in my kitchen…and it’s a big winner!

Notes about the bread: Your coconut flour, protein powder, and even the size of your eggs, will determine the exact fluffiness and texture! If the batter/dough seems kinda runny, stir it a little more and let it sit for a minute so the flour soaks up the liquid. I’ve found that it turns out slightly different each time, and I’ve also gotten lazy about measuring (which affects it too). So…experiment a little bit! All I can say is that this stuff is making my quality of life much much higher :-)

News/Notes: I have no idea when I posted last or what it was about. Seriously…I’m totally lost and unorganized at the moment, I think partly because I’ve been getting into an instagram groove, and I can’t remember what I posted where… It’s not old age, it’s just having too many tasks on my list (and not actually writing my list out on paper!). I’m working on it.

I’m excited to accessorize my apartment, but I need to not go crazy because I already own many things that will be shipped here in November. I really can’t wait to have my bike here, and my kitchen stuff. And my couch.

My apartment building is in such a great spot—and there are people walking by all day long. I can’t really see them because the windows are much higher than the sidewalk, but I hear snippets of conversations—wow. It’s pretty entertaining! I can also hear my neighbor in the building next door turn her shower on in the morning. The buildings aren’t that close together (or maybe they are), but when our windows are both open, we may as well be in the same room. I can’t decide if it’s better to meet her or to never ever talk to her…

I talked to Matthew today. I miss him a lot. But I’m in paradise, and he’s a boy who is just as happy seeing me once in a while and chatting on the phone…so we’ll be fine.

I have a few more interesting food things to share…and lots of people have been making my recipes, so I’m going to share their pics in a post very soon!

For now, if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils (or if you already know a lot and just want to chat about them for fun), check out my essential oils facebook page. There are no rules there–you just have to be nice and not solicit people. I buy Young Living Oils, but you don’t have to—I’m just excited to be sharing oils with people who feel the same way as I do .



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