20 Minute Yoga Workout For Weight Loss


Let’s burn a few pounds of those pesky pounds off… Yoga is an incredible form of exercise that can be used for flexibility, strength, and yes, losing weight.  It has a profound effect on weight loss and this workout will help burn off belly fatfaster than ever! This yoga workout for

Finally: Parkinson disease: Spanish research team found two major keys of the neuroprotection and natural increase of dopamine


Ramón Cacabelos, a world known expert for neurodegenerative disorders and genomic medicine, and his team have completed preclinical and clinical studies with a nutraceutical called AtreMorine. The exceptional results shows that AtreMorine protects selectively dopaminergic neurons and significantly increases naturally the dopamine level in the organism and without any reverse

Model with Down syndrome launches design label at NY Fashion Week

Australian model and designer Madeline Stuart, who has Down syndrome, acknowledges attendees after presenting creations from her label 21 Reasons Why By Madeline Stuart during New York Fashion Week in Manhattan, New York, U.S., February 12, 2017. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Less than two years after making her runway debut, Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome, launched her own fashion label on Sunday at New York Fashion Week with a collection of sporty leggings, crop tops and skirts. The Australian-born model challenged fashion industry norms with her first catwalk appearance

Low Carb Onion Rings- Weight Loss Program


I’ve really been missing onion rings since I went low carb. Which is weird because it’s not like I ate them a lot before.  I guess, like anything, it’s the knowing I can’t have them that makes me want them more! I prefer beer battered onion rings, which these are

Low Carb Rolls | Easy Keto Side Dish!


Today we’ve got some fabulous low carb rolls for you! These took a lot of trial and error to get right and we think we’ve honed in on a pretty tasty dinner roll recipe here. These low carb rolls come out to be very soft in the middle with a

People who press snooze are smarter, says science


Because a sleep in truly is a genius idea. Evolution is a tricky thing, but it’s generally something that’s pretty hard to deny. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, people who are in control of their sleeping habits are showing a degree of

Banting Diet To Set A New Health Fad Worldwide


From Atkins, to Paleo, and South Beach diet, advocates all over the world cannot stop talking about a new fad. This involves a low-carb, high-fat diet. According to its creator, Prof. Tim Noakes, a sports scientist, this can help boost a person’s energy level. It’s name- The Banting Diet. Its